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About us

Premier EquineWarehouse is one of Europe’s largest equine and pet products online shop. As the demand for equine and horse products increases we at Premier Equine are here to give our full support and supply our online customers’ needs, and meet their demands.

We offer more than 16,000 online products through our online stores which include 




Our employees are staffed by people who own and love horses and who are dedicated to helping owners to learn about safer alternatives and options on horse products. Our company was established to fulfil a need for the quality equestrian merchandise that we have come to rely upon, and which was become more and more difficult to source.

This is where we can help.

With our extensive knowledge and experience and a good dose of commitment we have succeeded. Premier Equine Warehouse is a recognized supplier of horse products and is a brand that you have grown to trust. We offer great customer service, great products and the most competitive prices. Our company’s success is based on tradition and of providing knowledgeable service to each and every customer who contacts us.


Our goal

Premier Equine Warehouse is devoted to delivering the best of quality in horse and pet products on the market. We are committed to offering safer alternatives in equine products by providing high-quality horse product at the most affordable prices and offering superior service to meet our high demand. We help all of our customers evaluate and estimate the benefits and costs. In addition, we explain the warranties and offer free estimates. We are industry leaders, working with horse owners and providing solutions for their needs and demands. We stay on top by continuously researching and improving our products. We only offer our customers the best and most current technology. Our products are 100% farm-tested to ensure our quality and that value is in every product we sell.


Customer satisfaction

Premier Equine Warehouse has become an acclaimed name as a company that you can trust. We are focused on providing the utmost customer satisfaction. We value our quality products, our traditions, and you, our customer. We are focused and determined to provide our customers with the best orders, shipments, and information that they need. We also follow-up to maintain long lasting relationships with our customers because they matter, and we like to show it. Premier Equine Warehouse is dedicated to developing and distributing innovative horse products of only the best of quality that provides protection, comfort, support and value to both the horse and the rider.

High quality products

We are a global brand in manufacturing horse products as we pay attention to every detail that is included in our products. Premier Equine Warehouse continues to be the leader in horse products that provide protection and prevent injury as well as aid a horse’s performance. We guarantee that our products will meet and exceed your expectations. We are a state of the art equine horse product company that is committed to reaching its customer base by using the internet to reach the global marketplace. Our team of professional and experienced customers greatly contributes to making Premier Equine Warehouse a leader in the Equestrian industry. Their experience and their knowledge enable our organization to obtain the best of quality products and supplies to deliver excellence in quality and value to our customers at reasonable prices.

Our team

Our team is bound to contribute to winning performances globally in the equestrian and racing industries. We are actively involved in supporting the communities and marketplaces that we serve.  Our vast range of suppliers throughout the world is just one way that we are able to give back to the supporters and enthusiasts that support our industry. With our products we aim to outperform against all competition and strive to exceed customer expectations with our products and customer satisfaction. Whether you are racing across the finish line with one of our crafted harnesses, or marvelling at the beauty of one of our leather halters on your horse, the superiority  and excellence of our craftsmanship is incomparable.


We have it all

We continue to honour traditional and exceptional handcrafted equine products to provide our customers with the finest of quality products. Premier Equine Warehouse products are manufactured with attention, detail, and commitment to excellence that are the qualities expected only from our handmade products. The pride in our designs begins with our unique manufacturing techniques that bring you the finest equine production line in the industry. We concentrate on sustaining traditional methods  while developing innovative products for many competitive companies in the equestrian industry. Leading riders, owners, and trainers help to provide industry advice and opinion that allows us to provide and deliver continuous superior quality that is expected from Premier Equine Warehouse. We have a high standard of knowledge and craftsmanship, and we firmly believe in and stand by our products.

With the largest supply in equestrian products we provide rider clothing for the discerning rider. Our clothing collection is designed to provide comfort, practicality, and durability at a fraction of the price compared to other brand prices. Our large collection of equestrian rugs is crafted to suit all conditions and every occasion. Whether you need a fly rug for those hot summer seasons or a heavy turnout for the winter season, we provide a range of horse wear products from boots, head collars, saddle pads, and more.

From accessories like hay nets, reign stops, bit guards, and lead ropes, we have it all. We welcome you to our website and look forward to the chance to provide you with the excellent value and quality products that you require to help fulfil all your equestrian needs.

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